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budget made easy

That in conjunction with mint and automatic bill pay, transfers to my savings, IRA, 403b and investment accounts has helped me save a lot of money that I don’t even have to monitor. I save so much more and never feel guilty spending money on things, because it’s all paid for. Also since I have a full month buffer in my bank account, no more juggling the timing for when the rent check gets cashed or credit card bills paid.

budget made easy

Creating and living on a budget can mean the difference between financial bondage and financial freedom. But, this simplicity ultimately comes with it’s own drawbacks. EveryDollar doesn’t have the same investment analysis or tracking tools as Personal Capital.


There’s a number of calculators available to help you calculate how much you can afford, “afford”. But they don’t ask you whether you plan to invest, save for your future or any other goals that you have. They only ask you about your other debts, like a car payment or credit card payments that you have. So for example, when I was shopping for house, I went to one home affordability calculator and they told me I could afford a $700,000 house. Obviously you can’t work yourself to death forever. Um, but that’s why we want you to pay off debt as fast as possible. Like, you know, you don’t want to have to work two, three jobs for years on end.

When you first start the best way to begin is to print the previous 1-3 months of your bank and/or credit card statements. Use highlighters for each category, food, utilities, housing, etc. Calculate your average in each category but also individual bills.

  • If your compensation varies, using an average will be okay, but the more accurate the better.
  • Lastly, if the numbers still aren’t adding up, you can look at adjusting your fixed expenses.
  • But a budget is also a great way to save more money.
  • When you’re seeing how much you’re, I don’t want to say wasting, but it really, I mean, you’re, you’re giving that money away.
  • There are so many people out there who struggle to make and to keep a budget and budgeting is just such a crucial first step in getting your finances in order.

If you end up needing different categories than EveryDollar’s default choices, you can also add a custom one. By simply typing the amount you want to spend in the “Planned” category, you’ll let EveryDollar know exactly how much you want to spend on, say, coffee. By taking a more precise approach to budgeting, EveryDollar aims to leave no dollar unaccounted for, but how does it work? Our EveryDollar review will answer all of these questions and more. As a result, you’ll pay a lot less when those things happen, and you’ll have a lot more peace of mind in your day-to-day life. If you’re consistently above or below your targeted amount, simply adjust your budget however you need to.

To learn more about relationship-based ads, online behavioral advertising and our privacy practices, please review theBank of America Online Privacy Noticeand ourOnline Privacy FAQs. Lastly, if the numbers still aren’t adding up, you can look at adjusting budget made easy your fixed expenses. The entire platform is super simple to use, and you’ll get an in-depth tutorial when you first log in. YNAB has a Quick Start guide that will walk you through all the basic features and perks of the service in a few minutes.

They aren’t like a bill that has a flat monthly fee. Groceries and eating out are flexible expenses.

But, if you get paid biweekly, work varying hours, or have any other circumstance that makes your income change a lot month to month, EveryDollar may require a lot of effort to use. After taking care of housing, EveryBudget moves you along to transportation expenses. These only include gas and maintenance costs, not any car payments you may have.

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And so, um, just to kind of keep an eye on it that way. You know, I’ve seen flowers, I’ve seen, you know, lots of different ideas depending on how creative you are. So it’s really just finding what you like and what works for you. And your personality and figuring it out that way. Happy Monday folks and welcome back to another episode of the everyday money show.

budget made easy

If you follow Dave Ramsey, you’ll know he recommends using a zero-based budget system. This budget template was created exclusively for the zero-based budget method. It starts out with fixed expenses, followed by debt payments, and finally, wants.

In some cases this may mean you have to cut something to make room. Eliminating debt or adding income will give you the ability to add these expenses back once bookkeeping you have room to fit them in. The first level is where all your needs with a fixed cost live. That’s any need with a cost that stays the same every month.

In the short-term, you can reduce–but not eliminate–your savings goals while at the same time trimming spending. However, what I think is most beneficial, especially for those who are first-time cardholders, is the ability to access your monthly recurring transactions. This makes budgeting or eliminating excess spending (subscription services, am I right?) easier than ever. Empoweris an app that monitors your spending across all connected accounts, letting you keep an eye on your spending without having to stress about it.

It took being intentional and it took finding ways to make some extra money, selling things and working overtime and things like that to be able to pay it off that quickly. And so you just have to go with it and make adjustments. And so, but things for like, um, let’s see, I save for Christmas, vacations, house, vehicles, gifts, and I have a different account for each one of those things. Um, and so I just, the way I like to do it, because I don’t like a million things coming out of my budget every month. And whenever we get like extra money, I will just fill that fund. So let’s say I want to save $1,000 for Christmas.

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If people actually took steps to making a budget they would be infinity more likely to actually follow it and reap the benefits. I first read about putting my money on autopilot over 10 years ago in The Automatic Millionaireby David Bach. The entire book is devoted to setting up automated adjusting entries systems to manage and invest your money. You set spending limits, and they can send an email or text when you hit them. These apps are powerful and effective…if, of course, you remember to login occasionally and make sure the categories are right, and view your tallies.

Then you need to take utilities, entertainment, and annual expenses (Christmas/birthday gifts) into account as well. BME is available in both Excel and Google Sheets . Although not everyone will have access to Excel, everyone has access to Google Sheets with a Gmail account . All you need to do is sign up for a free Gmail account to use this budgeting tool. If you don’t have a Gmail account you can sign up here for free. You will get on the road to financial freedom by using a system of money saving ideas and tips that will free you from debt and guide you on how to achieve financial freedom.

A lot of great tips for people who are in debt or just looking to refine their budgeting skills a little bit. We talked about a lot of cool things and I’m just grateful that you were able to come on and spend some time with us. Um, for, well, for my power bill specifically, I do budget billing and so, um, a lot of companies will let you do that.

budget made easy

These tips generally apply, no matter what type of budgeting strategy or tool you use. For more advice about budgeting and managing money visit consolidatedcredit.org. All articles and educational content on Consolidated Credit are written by and carefully reviewed by certified credit counselors, HUD-certified housing counselors and financial coaches. Instead, you envisioned a cute budget binder, something that you look forward to writing in and decorating with washi tape.


Credit card debt payments can live in one of two places in your budget, depending upon how much debt you have. If you have low balances and pay off what you charge at the end of every month then credit card payments live with those other flexible expenses. However, if you have large debts to pay off make big assets = liabilities + equity payments every month until you’ve paid it off in full. When you actually see the breakdown of your expenses, you may be surprised by what you find; this process is essential to fully grasp how all of your spending decisions can impact you. Creating a budget can also decrease your stress around finances.

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This means you have to consider your budget as a whole to see how much you can afford to pay. Every budget also has three basic types of expenses.

Yeah, it was it, you know, once we got to the last one, the biggest one, we had to find some extra ways to stay motivated. You know, those smaller ones we were able to knock out relatively fast. But then when you get to that last big one, it was like, Oh my gosh, how are we gonna get through this? Um, you know, I think our original debt pay off date. Because, you know, I used to use all the calculators and stuff to see, you know, if I can get an extra thousand dollars a month, how much faster we can pay it off. And they knocked out like a year off of our original date.

Autopilot is the ONLY reason we’ve been able to save over 20K for retirement. I am slowly putting our bills on autopilot, but it’s hard because I don’t want to bounce anything.

Every Dollar: Budgeting Made Easy

Set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account you won't see (i.e., at a different bank), scheduled to happen right after you get paid. You should always be prepared for a job loss by having at least three months’ worth of living expenses in the bank. It's easier to accumulate this financial cushion if you know the amount you're bringing in and spending each month, which can be monitored with a budget. This worksheet is broken down by fixed, variable, and discretionary expenses. There are areas to track income, savings, and debt payments as well. A good budget worksheet will allow room to record your income and savings goals along with the most important budget categories of housing, transportation, and food expenses. His app, EveryDollar, is based around his financial teachings.